Somebody apparently didn’t read the column.

as evidenced by this comment:

Sherman is a real crackpot. What we need is fewer illegal immigrants.

The commenter is right about the need for fewer illegal immigrants, but the person who wrote the column being commented upon laid out a pretty good plan for ensuring exactly that — less illegal immigration, that is. Among other things, he called for:

•  Foreign nationals being required to hold jobs, undergo background checks and pay certain fees, and being issued a green card with an embedded microchip;
•  Strict policing of the border by the military; and
• Illegal immigrants being given amnesty in exchange for a $2500 penalty fee, with said illegals being subject to the same conditions by which foreign nationals must abide to enter the country and any illegal who hasn’t registered with the government within a year being subject to deportation.

And then there is this:

The new regime, however, would make citizenship a much higher hurdle, ensuring an extensive knowledge of this nation’s laws, history, culture and fluency in English. Further, unless an immigrant becomes an American citizen, they would not be entitled to participate in Social Security or Medicare, even if they pay into them – another incentive to become a citizen. And, there would be another trade-off for a more liberal immigration policy: namely, a constitutional amendment abolishing the right of a child born in the U.S. to gain automatic citizenship. 

I can hear the cries of the illegal immigrant lobby now, as well as those of the big-L Libertarians. And, well, in this case that’d be a sign that whoever proposed such a plan is definitely on the right-track — and we will never see such a plan being put into place in the United States, with the politicians pandering to that illegal immigrant lobby as they do.


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