Not considering the full meaning?

I would beg to differ:

Baldly implying an armed insurrection against the government — based loosely on the 2nd Amendment — tea partiers fail to understand that the moment that insurrection is activated, they would find themselves face to face with the most patriotic symbols and personages they seem to respect and admire the most: the U.S. military.

This is not necessarily true. There is much debate on whether the military would follow orders to put down armed revolt against the government if it turned tyrannical. Take this for what you think it’s worth…

A Marine Corps officer wondered to himself whether such an order (to disarm the population — ed.) would be carried out in the United States. He was surprised to see that most of his men would not follow an order to disarm the populace by force.

…but it’s definitely something to ponder when you hear people talking about tea partiers allegedly talking about shooting “people they seem to respect and admire.”


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