Not seein’ teh funnay here…

…or, Hey, let’s be like the Authorized Journalists and not do our research and fact-checking! (

Here we go again with the NRA bashing. Somebody said that somebody in Texas said that the NRA is going to back some representative that they don’t like or belongs to a party or another that does not like and the blogosphere once again is filled with NRA-Sucks posts even though the NRA has not issued yet a single report/support for anybody for the upcoming November elections. But let’s not get the facts get in the way of a well traveled post that can generate thousands of hits, shall we?

Oh? Here’s a fact:

The announcement yesterday that Chet Edwards received the endorsement of two of the states most prominent groups, the Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND and the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund has made news throughout the district and is adding to the momentum of Edwards’ reelection campaign.

The National Rifle Association and the Texas Farm Bureau unveiled their support for Edwards during a four-city tour through the 17th Congressional District. Their backing could prove useful in the strongly conservative district.”
– Bryan College Station Eagle

Maybe that post should have read, “Let’s not let the facts get in the way of another half-witted poke at those who have legitimate gripes about whom the NRA supports.” Or were the Bryan-College Station Eagle and the other papers who reported the NRA endorsement lying?

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