Leftist intellectual midget says what, again?

He says, “Keep growing government,” and gives a whopper of a reason for it:

To create jobs, the Republicans vow to make all of the Bush administration’s tax cuts permanent — as opposed to the Democrats’ position, which is to make the cuts permanent for the middle class but allow taxes to return to Clinton-era levels for households making more than $250,000 a year. The GOP also would give small-business owners a new 20 percent tax deduction on their business income.

But on the spending side, the party would take actions that would immediately destroy jobs. Republicans propose a hiring freeze for federal employees — exempting the defense and security sectors. Since the private sector isn’t hiring, a public-sector job freeze would only ensure more unemployment.

If we’re going to go along with Eugene Robinson’s line of thinking, how about we suggest the feds create even more federal bureaucracies to employ everyone out of work now? What’s that, you say? There’d be no way to pay their salaries without more economy-strangling taxes or more deficit spending? Exaaaactly.

And maybe the private sector isn’t hiring because employers know they’re going to get sacked at the first of the year as the Bush tax cuts expire? I’m not surprised that Eugene Robinson doesn’t know any more about economics than he does anything else, but reading claptrap like this makes it quite obvious why the newspaper industry is in such dire straits.

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