Oh, look! Another gun control law failure!

This time in Florida:

A man shot and killed his estranged wife and four of his stepchildren and then killed himself early Monday, but he spared his two biological children, police said.

Police said there was a restraining order against (Patrick) Dell, who was in the midst of a divorce from his wife. He had gone after his wife with a knife in December, telling her “you will be going to the morgue,” police said.

Now, I know for a FACT that Mr. Dell was a prohibited person as per the terms of the Lautenberg Amendment to GCA ’68 because of that restraining order. Yet despite he still managed to get a gun and kill five people. Wow. It’s almost as if gun control doesn’t work.

I should note that I wouldn’t be supporting Lautenberg if it DID work, just on the general principle of the thing; if there are people out there so dangerous they can’t be trusted with guns, they shouldn’t be trusted with knives, rope, matches, gasoline or anything else that can be used to kill. In other words, as so many of us have said so many times before, if these people are so dangerous they can’t be trusted with guns, they ought to be locked up. This case is proof of that, as Patrick Dell had already gone after his estranged wife with a knife. And he got that knife without having to go through even a background check, let alone having to be licensed to own that knife or register that knife. Why was he not in jail? And why do gun banners not care about that?



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