Is there any such thing…

…as a low-powered rifle?

A man already facing theft charges was captured Thursday as a suspect in a series of fatal central Missouri shootings that had prompted police to warn anyone associated with him to flee the area.

Police said the killings were not random but have declined to say why the victims may have been targeted. Bruchsaler has said the gunman used a high-powered rifle and a handgun, and that authorities believed he acted alone.

Sabra and I heard this story discussed on the radio the other day, and the newscaster reported that authorities were telling people to stay in their homes and not go anywhere. I mused aloud, “That’s in Missouri; don’t they have guns there?”

Of course, if the killer was using a rifle I could understand that, especially if he WAS taking out people from the distances of which most hunting rifles are capable of being used. And THAT, of course, leads to the question: Is a bolt-action rifle any less of a danger in capable hands than a semiautomatic? After the hunters throw the semiauto rifle owners under the bus, how long WOULD it take for situations just like this to start the anti clamoring for a “sniper weapon ban”? Not long, I bet.


One Response to “Is there any such thing…”

  1. southtexaspistolero Says:

    BL (
    Is there any such thing…

    …as a low-powered rifle?

    YUP. Might I introduce my .32 Rimfire Remington Rolling Block. They were underpowered for shooting rats in their day

    October 29, 2010, 12:54:13 PM CDT – Like – Reply – Edit – Moderate

    Mattexian (
    I was thinking along the lines of anything that is a “.22 short only” model, tho there’s not many of those. You’d still more damage than just “shooting an eye out.”
    October 30, 2010, 11:42:13 AM CDT – Like – Reply – Edit – Moderate

    BL (
    Friend has a Remington Gallery gun that’s .22 CB cap only…32 Rim ain’t much better of a round, that’s why nobody makes ammo for them anymore. Neighbor culls small feral pigs with .22 subsonics to the eye (dog sized pigs). Easier on the ears and does as good of a job as anything inside of 30 yards. I actually used to know a fellow that accidentally killed a feral dog with a rock salt 12 gauge load, as the dog he was trying to run off was too close. A few actors have killed themselves, screwing around and shooting themselves in the head with BLANKS. Biggest animal I ever bagged weighed ~850lbs and was shot at ~325-330 with a .223 that supposedly won’t kill insurgents…

    So then we are back to regulating tools in not a rational response to bad behavior, aren’t we?
    October 30, 2010, 3:35:52 PM CDT – Like – Reply – Edit – Moderate

    BL (
    Oh, Bell killed about a thousand elephants with a 6.5 Mannlicher. I took a pic of it next to a common ele (minimum) round, .375 H&H mag and a .45ACP. He killed a pile of eles with them and liked it because he understood elephant physiology and was an ivory hunter by trade and didn’t like heavy recoiling earsplitting rifles, as he spend quite a bit of his time shooting…
    October 30, 2010, 3:48:18 PM CDT – Like – Reply – Edit – Moderate

    Too Old To Work (
    Pistolero, don’t you realize that a scoped bolt action rifle is not a hunter’s tool it’s a sniper’s weapon? Just as an AR 15 isn’t a hunters tool or a sport shooters insttrument, it’s an assault rifle.

    The anti freedom crowd wants them all and doesn’t care if it will take a while. They’ll just redefine each class and type of firearm one by one until we can’t have any.
    October 31, 2010, 8:46:04 PM CDT

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