Not just the books that are cheap…

…but the music, too.

Last Sunday after we went to the Longhorn Cafe, my lovely wife and I took a ride up to Half Price Books on Loop 410 to see what they had. What fun THAT was. I could’ve spent next month’s rent in there, and not just on the books; they had a pretty good selection of used music, on cd AND vinyl! Would that I had a record player; I could’ve gotten out of there with this on vinyl for two bucks. (Not the remaster, of course, but the original.) I did manage to get out of there with a copy of Rush’s Moving Pictures cd for $5.98, where the cheapest I could’ve gotten it new was $7.99 at Best Buy. I’ve heard most of the songs on it and really like them; the only ones I haven’t heard yet are “Witch Hunt” and “The Camera Eye.” And I’m sure you know by now which song I bought that cd for, though I do like the ones I’ve heard…

Oh, and did you know Steve Earle wrote a book? I got that one too.

(this post brought to you by Tam)



One Response to “Not just the books that are cheap…”

  1. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Sabra (
    And you haven’t made me listen to it either, which is sweet. You should take it to work & listen in the truck, silly. You’ve had it a week now.
    October 31, 2010, 10:03:17 AM CDT

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