Sure, centrism deserves a place…

…but not the kind of centrism Kathleen Parker advocates. I really don’t understand why Bob Inglis’ advocacy of a carbon tax in the middle of a struggling economy makes him a smart, sensible moderate as opposed to another would-be intellectual who completely fails to understand the consequences of such. No doubt Kathleen Parker would call Mark Kirk, for example, another sensible moderate because he wants to ban only semiautomatic rifles as opposed to all guns. Do you ever notice that Parker has never said anything about the libertarian brand of centrism, the one that supports, for example, gun rights AND gay marriage? It’s always, ALWAYS about a little more taxes and spending than the Republicans want and a little less than the Democrats want. As one of the commenters said, “I guess in Kathleen Parker’s world, a ‘moderate’ is a Republican who votes like a liberal Democrat, but conservatives are partisan extremists.”


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