Not from me you can’t, Andy.

Oh, look! Another has-been B-List country singer pulls a Darryl Worley,  capitalizing on current political sentiments in an attempt to resurrect his career!

In the waning days of the 2010 election season, Joe Miller and his supporters adopted as their campaign anthem the blood and soil tribute “Can I Get An Amen?” by Louisiana-born country and western musician Andy Griggs.

Sigh. I actually agree with what the song says, wholeheartedly. So I was a bit aghast at the reviewer at The 9513 who characterized it as borderline hate speech, though I suppose such is to be expected. But the whole thing strikes me as opportunistic political pandering, just like it did when Darryl Worley did it. Is that wrong of me? Sure, he might agree with the song’s sentiments, but I refuse to believe he and his people didn’t have his flagging career in mind when the thought of recording the song surfaced. There is such a phenomenon as people not listening to or discounting the message because of the messenger. Somehow I think it’s going to play at least a moderate role here, though I could be wrong. I’d say that a conservative/libertarian’s review would be interesting to read in contrast to the one at The 9513, but on second thought I’d hope that we could do better than to give a song a positive review just because we might agree with the politics of it.



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