Anti-gunners, ALL class!

Yes, indeed, comparing a peaceable Texan to school shooters because he posts John Dillinger quotes on his Facebook page. I suppose that’s par for the course for an organization which has gone on record as saying that a government monopoly on force is a good thing. I can only imagine what Horwitz would say about me, since I am often posting heavy metal lyrics there.

“The last request of my life is to die killing my enemies…”

“The day is coming, Armageddon is here…”

“A lunge and a feint, a parry too late, a cut to the chest and you’re down…”

Yeah, I am totally obsessed with violence. Lock me up before it’s too late!

It really is an encouraging sign to see supposedly educated, erudite professionals stooping to such levels, though. There are those who say that Heller and McDonald were hollow victories, but if they really were so, do you think the anti-gunners would be saying things like this? I don’t think it’s that big of a stretch to say that we ARE winning.

Much asshattery ensues in the comments, with one commenter even saying that he can find as many instances of permit holders commiting crimes as stopping them. Now, if you’ll remember, the Violence Policy Center tried to paint Texas CHL holders as a violent bunch, but their “study” was riddled with inaccuracies and deception, which you can read about here. There was this gem, though:

FYI, I am a handgun owning trannygirl. I “had one” and I was very happy to be rid of the thing and gget to a sense of internal congruity. My handgun is in no way any sort of substitute for the unit I had surgically inverted. My handgun is because my kind gets murdered at the rate of 2 a month and the hate crime rate against trannies seems only to be rising, as conditioins worsen and stupid people look for scapegoats. I have excellent reason to be concerned for my own safety and that of my husband, because I have experienced horrors that you can’t imagine, all my supposed lot because I have the social misfortune of being trans,
And giblet headed brainiacs would have me disarm, and leave me at the mercy of those who would kill me and mine for sport. I am a survivor, or I’d already be dead. But I am an armed survivor and intend to stay that way.

Curiously, though, no one responded to her. I wonder why that is?

(h/t Mike)


One Response to “Anti-gunners, ALL class!”

  1. mike w. Says:

    Thanks for the link!

    You know the anti-gun groups are desperate when they’re stooping to the tactics we’re used to from vile, two-bit anti-gun bloggers.

    I mean hell, if this kind of crap is “logic” then it’s “logical” to say I’m potentially a genocidal tyrant due to the terrible transgression of posting quotes from Hitler on my blog…..

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