Naming the kittehs

Sabra, just a few minutes ago:

“I just remembered something completely random. My brother has a white cat and he named it Cracker.”

Me, laughing: “That sounds just like something YOU would name a cat!”

Her: “Oh hell no, I’d name it Honky.”

Me: larfing my ass off.

God, but I love that woman.


2 Responses to “Naming the kittehs”

  1. Mattexian Says:

    One of our cats was named “Blue Eyes”, for obvious reasons. I started calling him “Blue-eyed White Devil,” for laughs.

  2. Peter Says:

    Actually I had nothing to do with that. He was named before I came along. The husband of my wife’s sister came up with the idea to name him Cracker. I love that name. lol

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