Quote of the day…

…from David Codrea:

Scott Whitlock of Newsbusters has some interesting observations on Brady Campaign spokesman/professional victim Colin Goddard’s appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America yesterday:

ABC Pushes Gun Control Documentary, Absurdly Touts Work of the Brady Campaign as ‘Not Anti-Gun’

Here’s what host Robin Roberts said to Goddard:

There are groups that say I have the right to bear arms, I don’t need this. How do we coexist? Because you’re not anti-gun.

Oh, no, Goddard assures her. He’s been hunting. He’s been to the range.

Hell, if shooting is the criteria, gun rights advocates could have no bigger supporter than Lon Horiuchi.

A-yep. “We’re not anti-car. We just think they’re too easy to get and we don’t think you should be able to drive them on public roads. Or private roads, for that matter.”


One Response to “Quote of the day…”

  1. Sabra Says:

    I don’t take seriously anyone who doesn’t realize that criteria = plural.

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