These are serious contenders for 2012?

Why? Mike Huckabee, with his support for cap-and-trade? Mitt Romney, with his support for gun control and government-run health care? Sure he’ll try to weasel his way out of it by saying it was just one state as opposed to “a federal one-size-fits-all solution” — but if he’s going to take that tack, why didn’t he make that plan optional for each county? Wow. I realize Fred Thompson had his flaws, most notably his support for McCain-Feingold, but he’s still far, far ahead of at least Romney and Huckabee. And of course there’s Sarah Palin, who from what I can tell doesn’t have any negatives like that, polarizing figure though she may be. It’ll be fun to see what happens, but at this point I am not so optimistic.


2 Responses to “These are serious contenders for 2012?”

  1. Les Says:

    She’s polarizing because she is a good, viable, qualified, patriotic, constitutional espousing candidate. RINOs and moderates are not polarizing, because they are business as usual.
    So, of course, she’s to be attacked. She would probably win! That scares the heck out of the commies and moderates in both parties.

  2. Boomer Lad Says:

    Vote for me. I’ll end all laws that blame tools instead of people and bring back flogging.

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