Godwin’s Law be damned. I have to say this.

I’d just as soon not name names here, and the name I’d like to name is NOT that of Bob Owens…but saying that Chris Christie isn’t all that pro-gun strikes me to be an understatement well on its way to being as ridiculous as saying that “Adolf Hitler wasn’t all that pro-Jew” or “Saddam Hussein wasn’t all that pro-Kurd.”


One Response to “Godwin’s Law be damned. I have to say this.”

  1. Mattexian Says:

    Should we really be that surprised? I mean, he’s from NJ, as close as one can be to a DamnedYankee without being in NYFC. So of course he’s gonna say “sure, you can have guns, but you better follow our laws on them” tho reading the critique, he was smart enough to commute the sentence for a guy trying to follow the laws, not his fault the judge and prosecutor got over-zealous.

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