Bad math and boogeymen…

…in the letters to the editor in this morning’s Express-News:

Did you know that a whitetail trophy buck is worth more than 30,000 Mexicans? In Texas, it is more important for us to have the capacity to purchase as many high-powered weapons as we wish than to stop the flow of these weapons to ruthless killers in Mexico.

The street slaughter of 60 or more people in border towns within earshot of a Texas university doesn’t elicit a peep out of talk-radio chicken hawks. But if the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms mentions it is interested in knowing who is purchasing these weapons in multiples, the right-wing zealots start waving the snake flag.

Racism is often deadly. It is hard to imagine anyone objecting to someone keeping track of weapon sales if 30,000 Canadians — not Mexicans — were slaughtered this year.

Wow, so much FAIL in this letter that it practically fisks itself, but what the hell…

Whitetail buck worth more than 30,000 Mexicans? But I thought people didn’t hunt with semi-automatic rifles. Should we conclude that Saul Adame wants to impose tighter regulations on your run-of-the-mill hunting rifles too? That’s pretty much the only conclusion I can draw considering the general bent of the rant here…”talk radio chickenhawks,” “right-wing zealots,” etc., but I don’t think it’s that far off the mark…

…at any rate, it’s certainly a lot closer to the mark than ranting about “talk radio chickenhawks.” Saul Adame probably doesn’t have a clue as to what he’s talking about here either. I listen to Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck just about every day and I haven’t heard them talking about the ATF’s power grab here that much at all. Of course this is keeping in line with the typical lefty’s rants about the eeeeevil NRA whenever any gun-related issue comes up, but it’s still quite unbecoming of any sane, rational person.

And how about that racism boogeyman at the end? It’s as if they see racism peeking at them from behind every corner. It deserves to be asked why they don’t have the problems in Canada that they do in Mexico with the drug cartels. Somehow I don’t think it has anything to do with the color of their skin. But I’m just an evil racist white person that way, I guess.

Way to go, Express-News editorial page editor. You caught a GOOD one to run this morning.


2 Responses to “Bad math and boogeymen…”

  1. Boomer Lad Says:

    If a journalist (or opinionated person) has never spent much time in the “rough parts” of Northern Mexico, they really don’t have the plot. It’s not a very safe place and it has to do with the culture more than availability of arms. Good prime on the subject is a book called “God’s Middle Finger”, but it ain’t the same as spending time there.

    What do I know? I chase bambi with an AR pattern rifle, as often as not.

  2. Mattexian Says:

    BL, from what I’ve heard, the way the govt of Mexico views it’s northern areas as a no-mans-land of desert and mountains between the “real” heart of Mexico and the US border, which is why they don’t put more effort into controlling the area.

    With all the crime down there now, I wouldn’t want to visit again; I’m kinda glad I got to go there when I did, 15 yrs ago, on a mission trip to Rio Bravo and Reynosa (working on a parsonage and bringing school supplies to some of the literal dirt-poor neighborhoods; “po’ folks” here ain’t got nothing on them down there, we’re practically millionaires compared to them when it comes to being “poor”! A hobo’s camp has more luxuries than most of those families’ shacks.)

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