More musings on music and small-town crime.

So I was thinking more about  the comments mentioned here, in which the character in the Aaron Lewis song was called paranoid for carrying a gun despite the fact that he lives in a small town. And I thought, “Oh yeah, he’s paranoid all right, because as everyone knows, nothing bad ever happens in small towns.”

And speaking of songs that talk about guns and killing explicitly, I’m sure they’d shit themselves listening to this song.

“I went down to the Mary Carter paint store. I said, ‘Gimme one o’ them Smith and Wesson Magnum .44s. ‘Cause there’s a man that the law let loose and justice was not done. This man, he killed my wife and my only little son.’…

“When the trial was over, he had the nerve to say, ‘That’s the way it goes.’ I said, ‘Well, hoss, you better buy you some corks, ’cause you’re gonna have to plug up a few holes. Guess he thought I was talkin’, just to pass away time. But he kinda looks different now, on his knees beggin’ for his life.”

Bloodthirsty vigilante justice, some might say. (I’ll admit I cheered for the guy with the gun, though, just like I cheered for Carl Lee Hailey in A Time To Kill.) Sure as hell isn’t nearly so benign as just singing about carrying a gun. But I’m sure they’d think the character was a badass too, just because Hank Jr. sang that song.


4 Responses to “More musings on music and small-town crime.”

  1. Borepatch Says:

    Maybe you can carry a gun and not be paranoid. Maybe you just like the idea of being a full citizen, entrusted to carry the tools of power.

    Maybe, just maybe, it’s “being a grown up”.

  2. Boomer Lad Says:

    Happy New Year from some asshead that mostly grew up in the Alamo City, as much as he ever grew up…May all your bucks be 8pt.

    Beautiful Texas Tunages.

  3. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Maybe, just maybe, it’s “being a grown up”.

    Well, of course. I am sure if I actually meant to call someone paranoid who carried a gun, my wife would probably think I was a pod person…and act accordingly. LOL.

    Happy New Year to you, Tom! And to the rest of you fine people, while I’m at it. 🙂

  4. Les Says:

    There is no such place as a quiet place. Quieter than other places, perhaps. You can, sadly, find atrocities much closer to all of us than Florida. But if it isn’t in the news, it didn’t happen, did it?
    Peel said every good citizens duty is the same as an officer’s, except that the officer is full time.
    Vigilante is a word used in turf wars by politicians and their running dog lackeys. Unscrupulous (because there are good ones) lawyers can make more money off people who work for a living than criminals. Come to think about it, criminal’s lawyers are largely paid for by people who work for a living. So if they can tarnish the image of someone who protects themselves or others, it’s good for business.
    Vigilence is good, not vendettas. That is what the criminal justice system, and civil system is there for. But if they don’t achieve justice, vendettas are more likely to happen.

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