Shovel licensing and registration NOW!

You know, for teh childrenses!

Holding the weapon he’d already used to beat the man to the ground, the killer stood over his lifeless body and drove the front end of the large shovel at the man’s head again and again, a police report states.

When done, he threw the shovel into the bed of his truck and left.

Nice. (And yes, that was sarcasm.) It’ll be fun to see how long Gabriel Reyes Castillo’s rap sheet is and what he was in prison for.  If I had been dating a woman whose ex had recently been released from prison I don’t think I’d get any closer than shouting distance from him with a gun close at hand. But I guess that just makes me paranoid, eh?


One Response to “Shovel licensing and registration NOW!”

  1. Sabra Says:

    What the hell was she doing dating a registered sex offender when she was the mother of a little girl, anyway? And yeah, this is one of those “if only the GOOD GUYS had had a gun” cases.

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