I am TJIC.

Not a hell of a lot more I can say to elaborate on that, besides what everyone else mentioned at Borepatch’s place has said — but the words of Bill Whittle come to mind once more:

“Once the Second Amendment goes, the First will soon follow, because if some unelected elite determines that the people can’t be trusted with dangerous guns then it’s just a matter of time until they decide they can’t be trusted with dangerous ideas, either. Dangerous ideas have killed many millions more people than dangerous handguns – listen to the voices from the Gulag, the death camps, and all the blood-soaked killing fields through history.”

I never thought I’d actually see his words proven true in my lifetime. 😦


3 Responses to “I am TJIC.”

  1. TJIC Says:

    Thanks for your support!

  2. AlanDP Says:

    Every time I try to load his original “i am tjic” post page, Firefox locks up. Tried it several times.

  3. i am tjic | walls of the city Says:

    […] RobertM, Jake, Jennifer, Tam, Firehand, Roberta X, The Freeholder, Kevin, Robb, Sarah, Christopher, Pistolero, Dragon, Eseell, and JP are all TJIC… and so are you, assuming you care about the First or […]

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