I would hope that’s what he gets, yeah.

From the Galveston County Daily News, via KHOU and the Houston Chronicle:

Dad accused of stomping 3-month-old could face death penalty

Well, I sure as shit hope so. If he doesn’t we might as well not have a damn death penalty.


4 Responses to “I would hope that’s what he gets, yeah.”

  1. Sabra Says:

    I’ll volunteer to carry it out.

    I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: some people need to be shot in the street like the dogs they are.

  2. Albatross Says:

    What a waste of human flesh. Stories like this turn my stomach.

    The attorneys also challenged the humaneness of the chemicals used in the death chamber.

    Can the state use a boot heel instead?

  3. Mattexian Says:

    There’s always the wish that the general population in prison finds out and metes out their own “justice.”

  4. Newbius Says:

    3 months and a week sooner, the dad would only be guilty of financing a “late-term” abortion.

    When the “law” arbitrarily draws a distinction between “medical procedure” and “infanticide”, then the law is repugnant. If abortion is to remain legal, then the acts of this “father” are only a crime of timing, not intent. He should either be acquitted, or abortion should be outlawed.

    And, yes, I think,that this is a tragedy and the man is scum. The law is worse.

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