Overheard on the West Side…

…earlier this afternoon, specifically Henry’s Puffy Tacos on Bandera Road just outside Loop 410, as Justin Moore’s “Small Town U.S.A.” was playing…

Sabra: “I wonder if I can shove a jalapeno in my ear and make myself go deaf. Or maybe I could drink enough Shiner Bock to make this sound like Jamey Johnson.”

I’d guess there’s not enough Shiner Bock beer in Texas to make Justin Moore sound that good, but then that’s just me. And really, guys, the new country channel on Sirius? Why the hell couldn’t you have it on The Roadhouse?

Other than that, though…yummy. I had never heard of puffy tacos before I met Sabra, but man, I was missing out. And the bean-and-cheese nachos were to die for. I’d only had puffy tacos once before today that I remember, at (I think) El Tipico, on Rigsby Avenue just inside Loop 410, and they were good then too! Man alive, but East Texas was just way too white…though the fresh Gulf seafood I had in Southeast Texas was pretty good…

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2 Responses to “Overheard on the West Side…”

  1. Sabra Says:

    You’ve had them twice at El Tipico & once at that little Mexican restaurant on SAC’s campus. Sheesh, the things you forget. 😉

  2. Albatross Says:

    Welcome to the world of puffy tacos. It’s a nice place, stay a while. 😉

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