We’re the Only Ones using our guns as hammers enough…

Now, I know we all talk about a gun being nothing more than a tool

A Humble police officer remains on administrative leave after authorities said he accidentally shot and killed a suspected carburglar at Deerbrook Mall….

The officers approached the suspected burglars on each side of their truck when the driver suddenly began backing toward them, Humble police said.

One of the officers then broke out a passenger-side window on the truck with his semiautomatic pistol.

“At that time, his handgun accidentally discharged,” Wrobliske said.

The round struck one of the suspected burglars in the head, killing him instantly, police said.

…but that’s just the damnedest thing I’ve ever seen. What a dumbass. One commenter said, “I sincerely hope that this officer is being paid and will be returned to his duties soon.” I sure as hell don’t. Somebody so stupid needs to be made an example of, especially considering said officer should have known better after 10 years of carrying that gun.

But remember, friends and neighbors: Only the police and military should have guns because they respect them so much more than us mere civilians!


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2 Responses to “We’re the Only Ones using our guns as hammers enough…”

  1. Sabra Says:

    Wait, they’re trying to run over the cops and they’re only accidentally shot?

  2. Carl Bussjaeger Says:

    “…when the driver suddenly began BACKING TOWARD THEM, Humble police said.”

    “One of the officers then broke out a PASSENGER-SIDE window on the truck with his semiautomatic pistol.” (emphasis added – cb)

    Uh huh. I guess this one of those weird trucks that backs up sideways.

    “”At that time, his handgun accidentally discharged,” Wrobliske said.”

    No. If we assume — as the cops are obviously pretending — that he didn’t mean to kill the suspect, then the correct word is “negligently”, not “accidentally”.

    Lessee… used firearm inappropriately as hammer (?!?!), booger-hook on trigger, muzzle in unsafe direction… Murder, negligence; you tell me.

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