And another violent criminal commits another violent crime.

So I saw this story (about the conviction of a man who attacked a widow at her husband’s grave on Valentine’s Day 2007) and decided to go to the Beaumont Enterprise website to see what else was being said about the perpetrator of said crime, and found this:

Some officers testified Vallair had verbally threatened him while he was in the jail in 2007, and several female officers told the court Vallair had exposed himself to them….

Prosecutors also called to the stand several people who were corrections officers at the Jefferson County Jail when Vallair was housed in the jail’s maximum security or isolation cells in 2007.

The officers recounted a series of incidents involving Vallair, including him banging on the cell door, hitting a corrections officer in the eye, throwing a cup of juice on officers and becoming belligerent. A makeshift weapon was also found in Vallair’s cell.

And according to this AP story from yesterday, “Records show Vallair has previous convictions for aggravated assault and burglary and he was paroled two weeks before the attack.”

So, to recap: John Vallair is on record as being a danger to society, yet the criminal justice system saw fit to let him back out on the streets. Why?

And why do anti-gunners not have a problem with this?



3 Responses to “And another violent criminal commits another violent crime.”

  1. Les Says:

    Communists who are trying to gain power or who have just gained power want people like this out murdering and raping. It gives the communists leverage to take over everything and disarm all decent citizens in order to make everyone “safe”. Witness the use of the last shooting in Arizona news. I’ve come to believe they seek these folks out, arm them some way if needed, fire them up, send them out and then start proposing firearms legislation after the media blitz.
    Communists, organized criminals, regular criminals, all want disarmed victims.

  2. Les Says:

    A few years ago, just to be tactful, I would have called the anti-gunners Democrats, liberals or socialists. I made the decision to just call them what they are, tactful or not. Bloody handed, vicious, power freak communists. They killed millions of innocents (usually fellow countrymen and women and children ) in the last century and still are. And will.

  3. southtexaspistolero Says:

    That’s pretty much the long and short of it, yes.

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