I don’t have a smartass remark either…

…to this:

During the long debate over voter ID in the Senate, the Democrats proposed many amendments, most of which were defeated on straight party lines. Here, via the Chron, is one of the very few that passed:

18. Hinojosa – Accept CHL as a form of ID. Accepted by a vote of 30-0.

Clearly, the answer to Democratic concerns about voter ID is to ensure that everyone in the state gets a concealed handgun license. I don’t even have a smartass remark for that.


…except to say that I think it’s an absolutely smashing idea. You have to qualify on the range to get that license, which means you have to — heavens to Mergatroid! — shoot a gun. I don’t know to what extent Texas Democratic voters who get their CHL would be gun-hating statists before, but getting familiar with a personal defensive arm would surely not hurt matters vis-a-vis their opinions on the right to keep and bear arms. I could be wrong, but you never really know.


3 Responses to “I don’t have a smartass remark either…”

  1. BL Says:

    I went to gunsmith school and have argued with treasury and DOJ over things where it involved LAWYERS and GUNS AND MONEY…. Everybody signing up as a known gun owner / carry person is a Stalin/Mao/Hitler/Obama WET DREAM.

    You don’t get firearms freedoms by asking mother may I and being put on the permanent record of people that own guns.

    Sorry, you whiffed this one. You can disagree with me or not, but I’m still right, as far as FREEDOM goes. The BOR is about things government can’t do to you, it shouldn’t have anything to do with “mother may I?”.

    You could be wrong. Well, you are wrong.

    I’m all for training and practice and I’m also all for personal liberty. You can play golf where I play gold whether or not you even play enough to know what your handicap is and if you break a window of somebody’s house because you aren’t practiced it doesn’t matter if you have a PGA or Pro-Lesson-Monkey business card or a set of WallyWorld clubs. You break it, you bought it, you don’t break it and aren’t likely to, well, you’re entitled to choose the level of training that you feel comfy with.

    I more or less outshot everybody when I took my CHL class but one of the better shots was an airline pilot that hadn’t shot a 1911 or any other form of pistol since he lived with his dad 15 years previous and he rented the Kimber to take the course he qualled with as he hadn’t decided on what he wanted yet, as he hadn’t even bought a gun yet.

    FWIW, it isn’t much hard to qualify in TX if you actually shoot not much at all, so a CHL basically just shows you are a middling level or maybe slightly suck shooter and you paid the money.

    Just another God damn racket. Shouldn’t have to pay and plead for natural rights of man.

    Best way to get gun controllers to respect private gun rights is to let some of them get mugged and raped to where they wished they had a gun. Making us all jump through needless hoops doesn’t help anything.

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:

    I actually agree with you, dude. I was just pondering how it might work with the system as it is, not as you and I would like it to be. It might be a…pragmatic thing to do, but it was purely hypothetical and it isn’t to say that I think requiring a permit to exercise a natural right is just.

    “Yeah, I have a permit to carry this. It’s called the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, which protects my natural, God-given rights as a human being.”

    However, I have said before and will continue to say that I think it’d be better for us to have a bipartisan mandate to leave our guns alone, than a bipartisan mandate to take them away. And I’m not a big fan of government lists or Democrats, but better a JFK-era Democrat (classical liberal) than a Teddy Kennedy Democrat (modern progressive) — and anything that gets us closer to classical liberalism and leaving our guns alone can’t be anything but good. Getting mugged & raped might work better. In fact, I have wished such on certain people.

  3. les Says:

    What if only people with CHLs could vote. It would be kind of Heinlienesqe, wouldn’t it? I know that’s off track, just a thought.

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