Pot calls kettle black, again…

…the pot being Ruben Navarrette and the kettle being the Huffington Post:

…even when liberals try to do the right thing and be more inclusive, they still can’t seem to surrender the need to maintain control, which leads them to open the door only a crack and remind everyone how exclusive their club really is.

Case in point: Plans by the unabashedly left-leaning Huffington Post to launch a special section of the website devoted to African-Americans and another section for Latinos.

What’s the next trend in cyberspace? Segregated lunch counters?

Navarrette actually makes a good point here, but considering how often he’s waded into the muck of racial politics I really don’t think he has any business bitching and moaning about anyone else doing it. If it’s wrong for one organization or person to be doing that sort of thing it’s wrong for all of them. That includes people like Ruben Navarrette characterizing those of us who oppose an “assault weapons” ban as “those who love their guns more than they love Mexico” and dismissing out of hand the very real threat of groups like La Raza and MEChA. That sort of thing isn’t doing any more to create unity among ethnicities than targeted media content.


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