Like Weer’d says…

what’s wrong with killing?

I love the revisionist history you guys come up with. Browning invented the M1911 with one purpose in mind: creating a handgun for the U.S. Army which would shoot and kill an attacker….

You guys go off on such tangents! Was he a great inventor of guns? Certainly so. And certainly not all of the guns out there are used for crimes. I never claimed otherwise. But to celebrate an item made for killing, as a symbol of a state, is disgraceful, no matter how honorable the man who invented it or how reliable or long-lasting the weapon. If the purpose were to honor a “son of Utah”, surely there are other “sons” who have invented great things which could be honored with a state symbol, without glorifying weapons.

Wow. Sometimes I don’t know why they even bother engaging intellectual lightweights like this. (On the other hand, I’ve written about them myself — hey, blogfodder, I can’t pass THAT up!) I honestly don’t see what’s so wrong with honoring a man who designed an instrument made for killing — especially when said gun in the hands of American doughboys killed only God knows how many Germans and Japanese who wanted to kill or enslave us all.

And beyond that, what’s wrong with glorifying weapons in general? Weapons give a voice to the silent and strength to the weak. I honestly don’t understand why even pacifists could be against that. Yeah, I know, they’re all about nonviolence — but, again, even Martin Luther King recognized that he was better off having people with guns backing him up. You could argue that a world without weapons is a world  in which might makes right. Considering that, I’d say that glorifying weapons is not only justifiable, but downright commendable.


3 Responses to “Like Weer’d says…”

  1. Mattexian Says:

    Unlike Nobel (who regretted the damage that dynamite did), Browning liked designing guns and kept on doing it for long after he established himself. Even Kalishnikov accepted that his weapon design was used for good and bad, but that was out of his hands.

  2. les Says:

    Mr. Browning’s designs saved a lot of young American’s lives, and still are. Without his designs they would have still been there, in the fight, but at a great bloody disadvantage, and tremendous loss of our lives, not that it would bother the fellow living in whatever alternate universe he thinks he lives in.

    And you are right, without the equalizer the world would belong to the brutes and the vicious.

  3. Weer'd Beard Says:

    I’m kinda curious why gun and weapons makers somehow need to feel guilt for the negative aspects of their inventions (and ignore all the positive), meanwhile people like Henry Ford, and various Civil engineers are only praised for the meat-grinder that is the National highway system.

    I use a national highway to get to work every day, and I carry a 1911 in my travels. Life is dangerous, its also better thanks to these creations.

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