Musings on a midnight ride…

So I took a late-night ride to Taco Cabana last night around midnight for some vittles for Sabra and me. (For those of you who don’t know or don’t live in Texas, Taco Cabana is a better version of Taco Bell, in that it has better fast Tex-Mex, serves beer and is open 24 hours.) I turned into the parking lot and noticed this guy hanging at the speaker at the drive-through. I was on guard, and as I eased up to the speaker, he started walking up to me. He started to say something about the time the TC drive-thru window worker asked, “May I help you?”

Less than a heartbeat later I nailed the throttle, got up to the window and ordered from there, a bit shaken, and pondered the situation. What the hell was that guy thinking, essentially lying in wait? He was more or less in plain sight and I don’t know if he had any kind of weapon on him, but really? Waiting by the bush planted by the speaker? After midnight? Nothing good could ever come of that, especially for those unarmed as I was last night. That won’t be the last midnight Taco Cabana run that I make, but it damn sure will be the last I make without the gun.



10 Responses to “Musings on a midnight ride…”

  1. Sabra Says:


    Taco Bell would be so much more fun with alcohol.

    Wait, not what you were getting at?

    And where’s the post about the drunken neighbor’s visitor reeling against our gate as you were coming home from work tonight? We really need that AR-15 we saw at Texas Guns.

  2. Albatross Says:

    If I saw that guy, I would have just left. Tacos ain’t worth gettin’ jumped. And, yeah, next time make sure you’re carrying on a midnight run.

  3. BL Says:

    Be careful, Stoner rifles are sorta like potato chips. Next thing you know you’ll have an assortment of uppers and some AR-10s as well. Happens to everybody.

    On a practical note, .223SP has been show to most probably be SAFER than buckshot and even 9mm FMJ in regards to “collateral damage” related to going through walls and such. that’s one reason why more entry teams use AR/Ms now instead of the old MP-5s and hhotties they used to use and they make good deer rifles on Texas sized deer too. This last deer season, between me and neighbor and neighbors kids (not counting archery deer) 3 deer fell to ARs in .223, 1 .25-06, and some dude that likes pistol hunting used a PLR-16 in 5.56 for one and .357 Maximum for another.

    PLUS: In urban environments, if people act threatening to you and you raise up a M-4gery while rolling down a window and looking at the sketchy people that seem to have followed you to the self-service after-hours gas pump island, they drive away. I didn’t do that one, my friend did, but I saw it happen. Long guns DO NOT have to be concealed or unloaded in vehicles and according to my lawyer and my deputy amigos, it’s not “menacing” if you don’t actually point them at anybody whereas if you unconceal a pistol you theoretically could get in trouble.

    Only time I much liked TC was when I was a youngster and it was either there or Jim’s if I wanted to continue attempting to entertain a young lady I had managed to talk into spending some time with me, but we generally got there after the beer sales were over with. It IS better than Taco Hell, but most everything else is too 😉

  4. Mattexian Says:

    I’ve been approached at the drive-thru a couple of times by panhandlers (I feel I’m being generous with that one). Usually they turn around with a firm “No” but one guy nearly got his ears cleaned out by me and “my little friend” when he didn’t want to take no for an answer. (He was being insistent, and I had my pistol out but below the window frame, ready to pop up to show him no means NO.) I always tell the poor girl at the window that they’ve got someone being a pain hanging around, and they thank me, muttering that they’ve already had the cops out for that person once or twice.

  5. BobG Says:

    I’m thinking Mattexian is probably right; sounds like a probable panhandler.

  6. kahr40 Says:

    Yeah, probably a panhandler but ya never know until it’s too late. A pistol is kinda like Mastercard…don’t leave home without it.

  7. Les Says:

    Now see, you are an expert like most of us, well trained and practiced in ordering at a drive through. Something totally different happened, and you reacted, which was good, some people freeze. Other people react and drive through the restaurant wall, or back into the vehicle behind them. But how much thinking was there? Probably very little. You reacted well in this situation, but now you are thinking about it. This gives you time now to game it out and come up with some thought out solutions which may help you react in an appropriate way to safely, legally deal with a similar or worse situation. Your “war story” in the mean time gives the rest of us a chance to also consider the situation and take in your successful reaction. It is nice to get through the first exposure by luck, hook or crook, so you will be more prepared the next time. And thanks to the story so will the rest of us.

  8. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Dude, Les, when I have a bit more time this is SO going on the front page with its own post…

  9. peter Says:

    Strangely enough there was a TC in Ft Wayne when I first moved to Indiana. Was open a year or so after I moved there. I only went there once but liked what I got. Was a big bag of chips for only one person.
    I think if I saw a guy hanging out at the drive thru I’d just pull on by and go elsewhere. Especially where you live, as there are plenty of other places to go, even after midnight.

  10. Too Old To Work Says:

    Taco Cabana is one of the things I love about going to Texas. Didn’t get there on my last trip to Austin, though.

    As to the guy, there’s a good chance that he was merely trying to panhandle. Or maybe not. Take no chances and as your mother told you, don’t talk to strangers, let alone give them money.

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