Not our starting destination, but still not bad.

So after church this morning, Sabra and I headed north on Highway 281 for Moe’s Southwest Grill on Stone Oak Parkway. Sabra was thinking it was the same chain she had gotten so fond of when she was living in Virginia. But we got in the parking lot and found out it was closed. Which was weird, because I looked for the place on Google beforehand and it said it was open from 11 to 4 on Sundays….

But all wasn’t lost. We headed a little bit south on Highway 281 and found another place, Orderup, with pizza, burgers and tacos. So we went in and discovered the place was somewhat similar to the Longhorn Cafe as far as their food went. I ended up getting the regular hamburger and Sabra got the cheeseburger with guacamole. She and I both agreed that the burgers weren’t really anything to write home about, but the fries and chips with salsa were pretty good. I don’t know if the fries were hand-cut — I don’t think they were — but the tortilla chips looked to be made on-site. Either way they were both very good. (And they had bottled Mexican Coke!) We’ll definitely be going back; they actually have one a good bit closer to us, on Basse Road close to the Quarry Market.

Dave! Have you ever tried that place out? They have one closer to your old stomping grounds, on I-10 just west of Wurzbach, it looks like…


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