Oh, look! Another store clerk gets the jump!

On another robber, that is, this time on San Antonio’s west side:

A West Side convenience store clerk shot and killed a suspected armed robber Sunday night.

San Antonio police Sgt. Sean Johnson said a male and female employee were at the Leal Food Mart in the 2100 block of Leal Street when just after 8 p.m. a man wearing a mask entered the store.

Johnson said the man was armed with a handgun. The male clerk grabbed a handgun and shot the alleged robber.

Interesting. The anti-gunners say all the time that guns would not help in situations like this, but this isn’t the first time I’ve read about armed robberies going down just like the one described here. It’s almost as if anti-gunners are full of shit. Who knew?


3 Responses to “Oh, look! Another store clerk gets the jump!”

  1. BL Says:

    When I was a wee muppet, I knew a clerk at the 7-11 across from Hobby Middle School.

    Dude tried to rob him and he bolted out the door and pinned the doors shut by driving his car into them, to block the exit. 7-11 fired him. Hope this guy has better bosses. 7-11 had a company policy that you weren’t supposed to resist thieves. Not even a firearm involved, just resisting a robbery.

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:

    7-11 had a company policy that you weren’t supposed to resist thieves.

    Special. One wonders what they do in the event that the robber wants more than just money.

  3. les Says:

    Seven Eleven would have a height marker by the door so the clerk could see how tall the robber was. Of course the only phone available to the clerk was a pay phone in the back of the store. So if the clerk was hurt he or she could hopefully crawl to the back of the store and find a quarter and call for help, all the while retaining a good description of the height of the robber. Never thought well of their management.

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