A possible answer…

…to this, posed by friend and fellow Texan Tweaker:

Someone please explain to me how homosexual men and women aren’t all rabid, heartless libertarians.

The best way I can think of to explain it is this:

The gay people who aren’t libertarians — just like the straight people who aren’t libertarians — aren’t libertarians because they subscribe to the traditional way of thinking. That is, they think along the lines of the liberal vs. conservative model as opposed to the libertarian vs. authoritarian model. Such is the exact way of thinking that gets folks like me branded as:

• a raving right wing nut for thinking we should be able to buy machine guns via Amazon.com and have them delivered to our doorstep via UPS; and

• a raving left-wing moonbat for thinking we should be able to buy weed at the local HEB.

And that’s pretty much the long and short of that, I think. You could probably say the same of a lot of gun owners too, or pretty much any other group that finds itself under attack by whatever segment of society. Thoughts?


9 Responses to “A possible answer…”

  1. gator Says:

    I think you nailed it.

  2. BL Says:

    People like to choose from one of two sides, it seems. Dogmatic think runs strong in much of the species.

    I like to irritate people in the creationism/evolution debate by pointing out that it’s possible there are more that two possible explanations. This really irritates liberal self-described atheists and agnostics, because it points out they tend to dogmatically believe evolutionary science even when there is a lot of bad science and a lot of unproven bits of it. It’s actually kind of funny, if you play devil’s advocate with a religious creationist they naturally don’t have a problem with tying how life began to their religious beliefs but tell an atheist/agnostic that their belief in evolution sure looks like a religious belief and it’s like explaining why gun control is silly to Oprah.

    FWIW, I know a programmer that’s a “pink pistol” and we disagree on a lot of politics, but he won’t vote democrat because they’re anti-gun even if all his “friends” think he should.

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      This really irritates liberal self-described atheists and agnostics

      Oh, no doubt about it! They all think they’re so far above the rest of us, but when you get right down to it, they’re really not. HAS anyone ever tried explaining to Oprah the silliness of gun control? I’m sure that was a lot of fun to watch. 😉

  3. BL Says:

    Off Topic– but the song samples might amuse you. Friend turned me on tonight to another weird fellow that likes both fretless guitars and RUSH, thought you might like some of it. I like “Mathews Got a Noisy Haircut” rather a bit (all fretless, no slide, HONEST) and there’s some ace metal guitar work with and without frets in the land of the dying dinosaurs of pre-grunge who had heroes that LEARNED to PLAY their instruments or something 😉

    I’m gonna order an album but the samples are pretty cool.

    If you’re gonna play a musical instrument, it doesn’t hurt to be professional about it if you expect other people to listen, right?

    The insomniac that got bored with sanding Encore grips thought you’d dig it.


  4. Les Says:

    I’ve long thought weed should be grown domestically, packaged, taxed and sold essentially like alcohol or tobacco. It would reflect reality and help the balance of payments. That’s coming from an era when a 17 year old would get 5 years in the pen for possession of a seed. In someone else’s car’s carpet. I like the machine gun idea too, that’s coming from an era when firearms were sold in hardware stores like hammers or rake, and mail order sales.
    Should psychological exams be passed before getting a permit to buy a car?
    Anyway, most catagorizing is an attempt to shut people up by making them scared if they express their opinions they will be labeled. Don’t agree with EEO or the war on poverty, or the war on drugs (in it’s current mode) after 40 something years of questionable success? You must be a racist, or heartless , or a druggie.
    As another aside, there should be a vast difference in having a shotgun with a 17 15/16″ barrel and using one of any length to hold up a store. Why are switchblade knives illegal? Just more status crimes that are ridiculous.

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      I’ve long thought weed should be grown domestically, packaged, taxed and sold essentially like alcohol or tobacco. It would reflect reality and help the balance of payments.

      Yep — better yet, let folks grow their own. If it gets to be taxed, the ATF still has carte blanche to go shooting dogs and burning babies.

      • Les Says:

        To be fair, while the ATF got everything started in two major episodes, it was US Marshals who shot the dog and the 12 (?) year old and the FBI (so-called) Hostage Rescue Team who did the rest of the killing from a long safe distance. And the FBI took over from the ATF in the other incident and finished it. That was the last I read, anyway.
        Of course, you can make your own alcoholic beverage up to a limit and grow your own tobacco now, just not for sale.

  5. BL Says:

    Switchblade knives are NOT ILLEGAL in Texas (as long as you don’t carry them off your property, maybe, sort of, depending on context…)

    Just got off the phone on an antipodean call related to a possible new gig of an antipodean nature and I still vote that (all other things being equal) Sub-Saharan Effrica is more vexing, but the gap is narrowing and I’m thinking about the job. I never would have thought that 20 years ago unless the money was REALLY GOOD.

    Legal funny: Reason shotgun short barrels and rifle short barrels aren’t the same is because nobody was paying attention and the government surplused a pile of carbines to the public and decided to not make everybody and their mom dad and grandfather a NFA felon, so they changed the rule to 16 inches isntead of 18″ for SBRs.

    • Les Says:

      Well, it’s true, kind of, the law is observed in the breach. But 46.05(a) says”commits an offense if he intentionally or knowingly possesses, manufactures, transports,repairs, or sells:
      (1) an explosive weapon;…..(5) a switchblade knife; (6)knuckles and so on. There is some kind of defense if it is dealt with as a curio (whatever that means) or antique or if it is possessed incidental to performance of official duty by various people. The feds say it’s illegal to transport across state lines except to sell to some government employee. It’s just a easy open pocket knife, and the law is so stupid that it is not rigorously enforced, as far as people’s houses…unless somebody wants to, maybe (never seen that). As you say, better not carry it though. I kind of researched it because I like balisong knives (now viewed as switchblades) and real switchblades, and wanted to find out if I could carry one on duty. Too many politicians watched “Blackboard Jungle” in the 50’s I guess and it’s fun to ban stuff. It’s right in there with a machine gun with no NFA registration. The possession of a switchblade or knuckles is a class A misdemeanor, instead of a felony. If that is any comfort. On the other hand, I’m not a lawyer.

      Thanks for the info on the difference between short barrels permitted on shotguns and rifles. I always wondered.

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