Here are your answers…

David Atwood:

Regarding “Houstonian executed for killing son” (Page B2, Wednesday), was Timothy Wayne Adams the worst of the worst? Was he a continuing threat to society?

Yes, and it’s very likely he would be, family and clergy’s opinion notwithstanding. If he would kill someone so innocent as a child, then we as a society would be derelict in not considering him a future threat to society. Timothy Wayne Adams’ case was a perfect illustration of why we have the death penalty. And as a Texan I for one am quite glad there’s one fewer child-killer sucking up valuable state resources in Huntsville.



2 Responses to “Here are your answers…”

  1. Too Old To Work Says:

    If killing a three year old to get revenge on your girlfriend isn’t the lowest of the low, then what the hell is? The world is much better off without him.

  2. Les Says:

    I think they believe he was just expressing himself. Besides, to that bunch, life is cheap. Innocent life, that is.

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