This is not a surprise either…

…but it’s still disheartening:

University of Texas System Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa says he is worried that a proposal to allow concealedhandguns on college campuses could make schools potentially unsafe….

Cigarroa says parents, faculty and campus law enforcement agencies have expressed concern that the law could lead to an increase in campus violence.

Yep, because as we all know that’s exactly what has happened ever since Texas started issunig licenses to carry. Why, I have to hose my shoes off every time I come back in my house so I don’t track blood and entrails everywhere….

…oh, wait, no I don’t. There are those who lament the alleged surge of anti-intellectualism in America lately. You know why this surge is happening, don’t you? (To whatever extent it is, anyway.) In addition to the people getting tired of having their self-appointed intellectual & social betters telling them what’s best for them, there’s also the fact that said intellectuals keep going back to the same arguments that have been proven wrong only God knows how many times. They keep saying there’s going to be increased violence, but time and time and time again this is shown not to be true. More to this particular point, in his letter Cigarroa says, “The University of Texas has worked diligently to make our campuses safer, through the use of emergency notification systems and other measures.” Yes, indeed, because the police will always get there in time and students will always have time to find a safe haven. I’m sure the 30 people killed at Virginia Tech before the cops got on the scene will be glad to know that.

I’ve said it before about others, and I’ll say it here: For him to be so allegedly smart, Francisco Cigarroa certainly is stupid.


4 Responses to “This is not a surprise either…”

  1. Les Says:

    I remember when Lynn Ashby first wrote (in the Chronicle?)about the potential CCH laws being considered before the governor at the time vetoed it. He said the Bubba’s would make the streets would run red with blood, and also mentioned the Wild West, and blah, blah, blah. I always thought he never left the UT campus and he always was disparaging of his fellow Texans, those rednecks and bubbas. One of those who is always half ashamed (or more) of being a Texan until or if it becomes like Europe or Mass., you know, civilized. Kind of surprised they would consider the better sort on campus incapable of handling tools. On the other hand, it is probably the most liberal campus in Texas and that’s saying a lot, considering the average college campus. And you know liberals.
    But for the rest of Texas, when George W. Bush (God bless him!) signed into law the CCH law, life just went on, except crime dropped.

  2. BL Says:

    Be charitable, the cops were on the scene long before the last person died at Virginia Tech, they were just HIDING BEHIND TREES AND AFRAID TO GO INSIDE UNTIL MR. CHO SHOT HIMSELF TO DEATH…they actually got there reasonably fast.

  3. Les Says:

    “The University of Texas has worked diligently to make our campuses safer, through the use of emergency notification systems and other measures.”
    I always wonder what that means. I noticed, in Taiwan, the schools that I saw had big walls around them with broken glass on top and armed guards at the entrance. The students had specific uniforms and haircuts for their grade. The industry sites I saw had concertina around them and guard towers with machine guns mounted. At UT I suspect it means a honor system where guests have to sign in and cameras they can use to watch people get attacked (as in Great Britain), along with a notification system. All pretty useless if people not using the honor system decide to go on campus. See “armed killer attacking Tom Delay’s office in the Capital Bldg after shooting the people running the metal detectors”. Good PR, though especially if honorable people have all sorts of hoops to jump through.

  4. James Says:

    I got news for this dink.
    I am about to attend a UT school in my area (not Austin) and am good friends with several people who already attend this same school.

    If this idiot had any idea of how many people are already carrying guns, either on their person (despite what the law says), or just in their cars at this school, he would soil his pink panties.
    I can personally attest to there being a metric shitload of carriers at my local junior college. Even had a professor ask to see my P3AT (in my truck, of course) because he wanted something small enough for ultra concealed carry in *ahem* inopportune instances.
    Now, what will passing campus carry actually change out here? Not a damn thing, except the instances of campus crime will drop. Put a dollar on it.

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