Somehow I doubt this.

Esther J. Cepeda, in the San Antonio Express-News:

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it: Latinos don’t vote based on ethnicity or on the immigration stance of any given candidate.

To an extent I suppose this is true. I know well that not all Latinos vote the same way. But let’s take a look at a few items here.

Item 1:

Richard V. Sanchez was once called “the poor man’s Republican.”…

“I don’t like the word ‘chicano,’” Sanchez said in a San Antonio Express-News feature article, “but I love the word ‘Mexicano.’ Mexican means a lot to me.”

According to the article, some Latinos referred to him as a “coconut,” (i.e., brown on the outside but white on the inside — ed.) but he countered such critics quickly by declaring them “pecans” — “brown on the outside and nutty on the inside.”

Item 2:

When Rep. Aaron Peña became the second Democrat in a week to switch to the GOP, the reaction from his former party went beyond disappointed.

One Hispanic colleague said he didn’t believe Peña was motivated by public service. A Twitter account called “Aaron Sellout Peña” was set up. Blogger Mean Rachel touted “Call Out Aaron Pena Day,” which asked people to remove him as a Facebook friend, block him on Twitter and ask for their money back if they’d donated to him. (That’s the way she wrote his name, calling him “hereby tilde-less and using his cleansed, conservative Republican namesake.”)

Item 3 (previously mentioned here):

“The legacy of the Raza Unida Party is the concept of independent thought and that we can speak for ourselves,” (party co-founder Jose Angel Gutierrez) said. “No ventriloquist needed.”…
These days, Gutierrez’s hobbies include tweaking nativists with comments about how Anglos are losing sleep over the browning of the United States.
“They think this is a white country,” he said. “And when someone says the opposite, then that’s the demon.”

If Latinos as a group don’t vote based on ethnicity, why do so many Latino pundits and politicians resort to playing the race card in the myriad ways they do? Food for thought…



One Response to “Somehow I doubt this.”

  1. Les Says:

    Why do so many Latino politicians and “activists” want to keep Latinos from having to learn English? They want them separated and spoon fed information.

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