What does one have to do with the other?

Nothing, which is why this makes no sense at all:

Does that mean we will be eliminating campus and other police because students can handle things themselves — a bad grade, a fight at a frat party — by pulling out their six-shooter and blowing someone’s head off?

University of Texas President William Powers opposes the handguns on campus bill saying, “The mix of students, guns and campus parties is too volatile.” I’m more inclined to stand behind him than a governor who packs a pistol when he jogs….

Ahhh, so this is where the pants-shitting hysteria is! Not to mention rampant nonsense. Students can handle bad grades and fights by “blowing someone’s head off” as opposed to getting the cops to handle it for them? The cops would shoot students for bad grades and fights? That’s the way I read this…

And considering that pistol Rick Perry carries ended up being quite useful to him, Kim Hauser looks like even more of a blithering fucking idiot than most of the folks who oppose bearing arms. And that’s no small feat. My (figurative) hat is off to her!


3 Responses to “What does one have to do with the other?”

  1. BobG Says:

    Anti-gun people have quite a strawman factory in place, don’t they?

  2. Mattexian Says:

    Not to mention a little thing called “projection”!

  3. Les Says:

    Perry knows you are your own best bodyguard. And when nutcase liberals and ivy-leaguers want to attack someone somehow they always can get a firearm, where-ever they live, regardless of rules.

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