What a bunch of poseurs.

…or, Oh, the irony!

So yesterday afternoon at lunch, Sabra and I were talking and the subject of Texas music came up. She mentioned that KJ97 had a Texas music show every night from 10 to midnight; for some strange reason I thought it was just on Saturday night. So I tuned in on my ride home from work later and they played this little promo slogan or whatever you call it: “You won’t see no carrot top drinkin’ out of a sippy cup here!”

Yeah, nice…now if you jerkwads didn’t play that shit the rest of the week, that might actually mean something.

(And no, Scott, I don’t listen the rest of the week! The only thing I listen to in the truck — beyond some talk radio now and then and a little bit of KKYX — is either the Sirius satellite radio or the iPod. In the house it’s mainly various & sundry Internet stations…)


7 Responses to “What a bunch of poseurs.”

  1. Scott Says:

    I really need to get an iPod-capable radio for the truck.

    Was the show any good, or just the default stuff?

  2. BobG Says:

    I quit listening to radio years ago.

  3. Sabra Says:

    It doesn’t really get deeper than Pat Green & the occasional Randy Rogers Band song, but it’s better than nothing. I swear, though, every time I hear “Your Country, Your Way” I get one step closer to calling up and screaming “Play some Hayes Carll, motherfuckers!”

    • Scott Says:

      LMFatAO. Hayes, 1100 Springs, Kevin Deal — that’s the bar that must be crossed for me. It’s not really that high a bar, either.

      • southtexaspistolero Says:

        Kevin Deal…now there’s a guy I haven’t heard in a while. I have his first cd around here somewhere…

  4. AeroDillo Says:

    I’ve about decided you can boil most country music these days into three categories:

    a) them that try with everything they’ve got to convince you they’re really country (but aren’t)
    b) spoilt overpaid teenagers bitching about their terrible overprivileged lives, or
    c) either of the above, albeit a few years on and singing about their family and/or domestic trouble

    None of which are terribly interesting. Of course, this assumes you stayed tuned in through the ten-minute commercial blocks between songs.

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      That’s about the most accurate summation I’ve seen yet. And yeah, the majority of it isn’t interesting at all. Thank God for Sirius, my iPod and the Internet radio stations we listen to.

      Speaking of which, Scott, do you ever listen to anything streaming on the Internet? Fort Worth has a pretty good Texas music station; it streams at 959theranch.com. You might have stumbled up on it when you were in Dallas, though it only goes about as far east as downtown.

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