Say, this reminds me.

Concerned American, at Western Rifle Shooters Association:

Tomorrow, try this experiment – ask five people the same two questions:

1) Who won the best actress Oscar Sunday night?

2) What is the current level of Federal government debt, according to US Treasury figures?

Before I go on, it’s only fair that I answer the questions myself.

1. Don’t know. I didn’t even click on any stories about the Oscars as I was reading my normal news sources.

2. I figured before reading further to find the answer that it was somewhere north of 12 trillion, so there’s that.

I was reminded as I read this, of some of the statuses I saw on my Facebook news feed last night.

• trent reznor just won an oscars. wow.

• I guess I don’t get the humor of the speakers/winners on the Oscars….. They need scripts!

• Loves Gwenth (sic) Paltrow’s dress!

Now, I have nothing against my FB friends. They’re all lovely people who would give you the shirts off their backs if you needed them. But reading those statuses I thought, does any of that shit really matter? Why do people go on about this as if it had any consequence on their lives? This citizen complacency and concentrating on the bread and circuses really is going to be the death of us all.


2 Responses to “Say, this reminds me.”

  1. BL Says:

    Well, on balance, it’s amusing that Reznor has become everything he once despised. It’s not exactly like he got an Oscar for “Closer” or “Wish”. Didn’t watch the show, saw everybody yapping about it, looked up his new tunes. Color me unimpressed.

  2. Les Says:

    I stopped giving Hollywood my money years ago, so I don’t know anything about most of them any more. And don’t care. Sadly, I don’t know the answer to the other question either, offhand.

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