Anti-gunners are evil. They hate you and want you dead.

You know why I think that? Because of things they write

It’s hard to pinpoint the definition of “Looking for Trouble,” but leaving one’s house after midnight with $950 in cash and a loaded handgun must be close. And to fire repeatedly on an unarmed teenager—including three times in the back after he had turned to flee—is murder plain and simple, no matter what the NRA-drafted law in Florida now calls it.

What should have been a fistfight became a tragedy. A young man with his entire life ahead of him has been taken from his loved ones prematurely and unnecessarily.

Wow. Just…wow. No doubt if Thomas Baker had been a woman they’d have said “She was asking to get raped. She shouldn’t have worn that halter top and shorts.” Mr. Baker might not have made the best of decisions going jogging at night with almost a grand in cash, but that bad decision shouldn’t have cost him his life at the hands of some thugs too goddamned lazy to go out and do an honest day’s work. Unnecessarily? Oh, I’d say that Carlos Mustelier’s death was quite necessary, considering he was a violent thug who would’ve killed Thomas Baker for the money in his pocket and no doubt would’ve gone on to bigger and better things had he gotten to do that. And you know what? The $950 in his pocket is completely immaterial to the situation at hand, because Carlos Mustelier didn’t know he had that money. And that little fact right there is what should clue people in to whose side the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is on. I know we talk about these thugs being “choirboys on their way to practice,” but I never thought I’d see anyone seriously attempting to portray them as such. Why should anyone give a flying shit about Carlos Mustelier’s “generosity” or anything else? Maybe if that little motherfucker had kept his hands to himself he’d still be alive.

If Thomas Baker was asking for trouble going out after midnight, then I am asking for trouble going on my midnight runs to Taco Cabana. And you know what? That’s bullshit too. I know the fact is that bad things go down after midnight, but we deserve to be able to defend ourselves right after midnight just as much as we deserve to be able to defend ourselves right after noon. If Taco Cabana is open at 2 in the damn morning and I want chorizo-and-egg tacos at that hour, then by God I deserve to be able to go down there without having to worry about not being able to defend myself from potentially armed panhandlers at the speaker at the drive-through.

Civilized society? Dear God in heaven, the CSGV really is living in Bizarro World.

(h/t Bob S.)


11 Responses to “Anti-gunners are evil. They hate you and want you dead.”

  1. mike w. Says:

    Even if the guy DID know about the $950 on him it is STILL not his fault. Having valuables on you does not make it your fault you got robbed anymore than wearing tight shorts and a lowcut top makes rape the fault of the victim.

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      You’re right, of course, Mike. I just thought it was quite appalling that they would try to make Carlos Mustelier look better by implying that Baker was flashing his cash.

      Say, wouldn’t you say those folks who drive blinged-out cars are in effect doing the same thing, showing off their wealth? They don’t need to be on the roads at 2 in the morning either. (And no, I don’t really mean that. It’s just another extension of the logical train Bob S. referred to.)

  2. Bob S. Says:

    What is even more appalling is if you continue the logical train.

    Since a fistfight is usually a mutual activity (otherwise it is a beating/physical assault); the Coalition That is Okay with Unarmed Robbery seems to be saying that the victim of a rape should abide by the terms of the attacker.

    At most, the victim should ONLY use her own body to defend against a rapist.

    I think “Just which side are they on?” may become a recurring feature at my blog.

    • Sabra Says:

      There was a politician some years ago who got in trouble of saying about rape “It’s like the weather. You can’t change it, so you just need to wait and let it pass,” or some such. Which of course is a horrific thing to say…but no more so than what these folks are implying.

      • Les Says:

        Poor old Clayton, talking casually, off the record about the weather (at an outside Bar-b-que he was giving) to some trusted Journalists. He actually would probably been a good governor (I think he was running for governor). Been a while.

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      I think “Just which side are they on?” may become a recurring feature at my blog.

      I think that’s a great idea!

  3. Pyrotek85 Says:

    “How do you shoot someone eight times in self-defense?”

    This is crap too, it’s not television where they drop in one or two shots.

  4. Les Says:

    Reminds me of a high school graduate in Dallas who killed an elderly man in the victim’s driveway for his car in Plano. Seems like he shot him. He got caught. No protests about the gun violence, just an outcry about a young life being ruined for “just” one mistake. The victim was an old guy anyway. Talking out of both sides of their mouths as usual. The answer is yes, they are evil, they hate you and want you dead. The answer to “How do you shoot someone eight times in self-defense?” is the trigger is pulled eight times and it only seems like twice.

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      The answer to “How do you shoot someone eight times in self-defense?” is the trigger is pulled eight times and it only seems like twice.

      Yep. That’s the flip side of the adrenaline rush that they say makes you not feel the recoil. I bet they’d have shot to slide lock too. If, that is, they weren’t afraid of guns.

      • Les Says:

        One other thing, most folks when they are getting stabbed think they are just getting punched. How do you know when a couple of strangers walk up to you in the dark and one hits you in the face that he isn’t stabbing you? You don’t and you don’t know whether it is a prelude to them trying to beat you to death. Say a gang initiation, or just because.

  5. Les Says:

    This is a case in point from the post on bullying. No one stopped the would be robber early on until it got to the point where someone did finally stop him. May have saved his buddies lives though.

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