Oh, look! Another violent criminal who couldn’t get a gun!

But he sure as shit killed a man anyway, didn’t he? Maybe two.

Thousands of people mourned a slain Georgia police officer whose killing led to a days-long manhunt for a suspect who surrendered live television….

(Jamie) Hood was sentenced to 12 years in prison in 1997 for armed robbery and released in 2009. In 2001, while Hood was serving time, his 22-year-old brother Timothy Hood was shot and killed by an Athens police officer. Investigators said at the time that Timothy Hood pulled a gun on an officer and was shot when the weapon jammed….

Hood is also suspected in the December slaying of county employee Kenneth Omari Wray

So, to recap. Jamie Hood had proven himself to be a danger to society with an armed robbery but only got 12 years in jail. He couldn’t legally get a gun. Yet here we are. You know how it goes, sing it with me now…

Jamie Hood is yet another person the victim-disarmament lobby has no problem walking free in society as long as he allegedly can’t get a gun. They are always harping on background checks and such, but the fact is that people who do things like rob places with weapons are obvious dangers to society and should damn well be locked up, well, forever. But they’re not. And the victim-disarmament lobby has no problem with this. I wonder why that is?



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