Somehow I think Friedman’s missing something here.

don’t you?

…building liberty is really hard. It will be hard enough in Middle East states with big, homogenous majorities, like Egypt, Tunisia and Iran, where there is already a powerful sense of citizenship and where national unity is more or less assumed. It will be doubly hard in all the other states, which are divided by tribal, ethnic and sectarian identities.

What’s he missing? Oh, I don’t know, how about the region’s common thread of denial of rights to about half the population? Is this sort of thing at all acceptable in any kind of rule by the people — democracy OR republic? What if 51 percent of the people say things like honor killings, female genital mutilation and women not being allowed to do things like work or drive without their husbands’ or guardians’ permission is okay? That’s your vaunted democracy, right there. That’s not liberty; you know what that is! It’s the tyranny of the majority that the Founding Fathers and so many other figures from history warned us about! And until that changes, they’re not going to have true liberty. Why does no one talk about any of that?



One Response to “Somehow I think Friedman’s missing something here.”

  1. Les Says:

    Well, I’m hearing now that the major officers among the “rebels” were big players in Afganistan, that is , they are Al-Qaida. So now U.S. Marines are fighting to put Al-Qaida in power. Reminds me of the Clinton years when they were used to put a marxist in power in Haiti. If Bama and the media are for it, it can’t be good for us. Friedman missed the boat entirely. Sharia law makes liberty and freedom impossible for everyone it is imposed on. So, for the reason you listed, which will never be overcome under Sharia law, and because of that system, no, they will never have true liberty. No one talks about it because it is bad for us and thus desirable. Haven’t heard NOW talk bad about Sharia, have you? You won’t.

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