HEB is…what, now?

A comment to this blog post:

I don’t understand people’s love affair with H.E.B. They are over priced.

Really? That’s odd. In every town I’ve lived in that had an HEB, it was the lowest-priced grocery store in town — even lower than the vaunted Wal-Mart. (I will note that WM had the second-lowest prices, at least in the Beaumont-Port Arthur-Orange area.) In fact, I remember very clearly when there was an Albertsons in Port Arthur. Of the four grocery chains in the area (HEB, Wal-Mart and Market Basket being the other three), Albertsons had the highest prices. They eventually closed. Do you know what they put in that building when Albertsons vacated it? An HEB. Sabra was telling me a few minutes ago that HEB ran Kroger (the chain the above commenter was extolling) out of San Antonio a few years back because they had better prices. And it doesn’t hurt, as pointed out here, that HEB’s headquarters is right here in the Alamo City. But hometown allegiance will only take you so far.


10 Responses to “HEB is…what, now?”

  1. gator Says:

    HEB had some of the best pre-marinated beef fajita meat I ever found when we lived in and near Ft. Worth.

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Yep, and they still do!

  3. BL Says:

    I marinate my own meats but I’ll say that HED tends to destroy the competition without trying too hard. When we got our HEB here we lost the Super S. You know why the Super S died? It had as much to do with lack of selection and indifferent staff as it had to do with prices and it’s specialty food selection killed the specialty food store that wasn’t doing enough volume to really survive. No joke. The fancy food market was floundering when they heard HEB was coming for sure and closed and now HEB has a way better fancy/local/organic selection than the spendy yuppy shop ever had. The butcher shop is still weak on some meats like lamb and goat but Super S never even bothered to carry them to amount to anything and I can buy live lambs and goats cheap from some of the neighbors anyway, so that doesn’t bother me much. Their regular normalish meats like steaks and chickens and porker stuff are WAY better than what Super S was carrying for no more money. Bet they have a good chance at killing off the Brookshire Farms (which isn’t a bad store) in Wimberley too, just because they have better selection and it’s a hop skip and a jump away. Brookshire is way better than Super S ever was, though, so they might hang in.

    When they came to town they asked everybody what they wanted and talked to all the local food producers to get their products into their stores. If anything they’ve helped the local ag industry a huge amount and just have a good business model that works. About the furthest from evil of a big corporation you might find. Friend’s sister went to work for them from a private upscale bakery because now she gets health insurance. Evil death star of grocers, they are not…and I don’t *have* to go by the pure luck dairy for my goat cheese if I don’t want to, because I can get it at the store.

    Darn them HEB people!

  4. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Oh man, I know when I first saw the meat selection at the HEB Plus down the road I was floored. I’d never seen a variety of fresh-cut meats like that anywhere besides Central Market, not even Walmart.

    And oh, my goodness, I do love teh goat cheese! I’d never had it before Sabra. 🙂

  5. Scott Says:

    Can you get .22LR at the HEB yet?

    • BL Says:

      .22LR comes in large heavy boxes from Midway and Cheaper Than Dirt.

      I bought out the .243, .30-30 .30-06, and 7mm Mag leftovers when Supser S was closing, though.

      • Scott Says:

        Doesn’t mean you grab a 500ct box everytime you got get Totino’s Party Pizzas and a cube of ‘stones.

  6. Les Says:

    HEB was always a standard, changed a little, when Mr. Butts ran it, it sold no alcohol and was closed on Sunday.
    We only have a HEB Pantry and they short them, but that is still where I shop. Only problem sometimes is finding the label in English, but that is still where I go.

  7. southtexaspistolero Says:

    I dunno about the .22LR, Scott. I haven’t browsed enough at the HEB Plus to see, and I’d think that’d be the only one you could find it at, but I don’t know for sure. Wouldn’t surprise me, though; I think the HEB Plus concept was thought of specifically to compete with the Super Walmarts.

  8. Mattexian Says:

    I love the HEB Plus we’ve got here in Bmt, even if it’s across town from us, especially since it’s NOT W-M! As for the ammo, the .22 and 12ga are the only “All American” sizes I’ve got, I still have to shop at Academy to feed my Warsaw Pact babies. (Kinda funny, a bud was bragging about how cheap he could feed his .223, for about $8 a box, when I pointed out my 7.62×39 is $6.)

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