Once again, American Jews line up with the enemy.

Well, not exactly, but pretty damn close…

Hispanic and Jewish leaders formalizing their alliance

Henry Cisneros called it providential. Two Sundays ago, the scriptural reading at his West Side parish was about the patriarch Abraham and his divine call to start a new nation.

“It was a wonderful moment for me,” he said of the Mass. “It underscored once again why my people, the Latino people, have such deep, profound respect and feelings for Israel and the Jewish people.”

It’s a mutual friendship he hopes to foster into a considerable national coalition. On Monday, Cisneros — the city’s former mayor and federal housing secretary — and Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg wrapped up a conference called “Bridges & Pathways” aimed at formalizing this partnership.

Latinos might respect Israel, but considering who Latinos vote for, said respect is rather hollow — especially these days. As TOTWTYR said in comments here:

Every Republican President has been a better supporter of Israel than any Democrat President. Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush, and Bush were all staunch supporters. Carter, Clinton, Obama, have all been weak supporters at best. Carter is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Arabia, Clinton was a fanboi of Arafat, and Obama is unrelentingly hostile to Israel while kissing the asses of it’s collective enemies.

Yep. I mean, it’s pretty bad when you have the Anti-Defamation League raising hell about your people’s words and actions. I’d be interested to find out what Israeli Jews think of this.



4 Responses to “Once again, American Jews line up with the enemy.”

  1. Les Says:

    Always thought the ADL was a bunch of commies, not a friend and ally of the USA. Do it again! is their motto. The only terrorists they recognize are the NRA, the Tea Party and a couple of old organizations that were anti-jews and myriad other groups.
    Reminds me of a time I went to local Jewish community center. No armed security, a sign saying no CHLs allowed right beside a “Never Again” memorial wall. Cognitive dissonance.

  2. Les Says:

    At one time I thought well of Henry, oh well.

  3. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Always thought the ADL was a bunch of commies, not a friend and ally of the USA.

    Oh, absolutely. I am sure they still support Democrats as much as they always have.

  4. BL Says:

    I have a LOT of Jewish family. The military and retired military ones are on “our” side, the others are a mixed bag, but the anti-gun ones are more vocal.

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