Not something I’d care to contemplate…

…inspired by some discussion here

I never thought about it until now, but I’d really hate to think that Alan Jackson’s 1999 CMA protest was just a dog-and-pony bit orchestrated by the CMA before the show. Maybe it’s just my impression of the man based on his music, but I really hate to think that Jackson would have been a party to something like that. He’s always struck me as an unassuming and unpretentious kind of guy, not a fan of fake drama. Of course it would have been disgusting had ANY artist been a party to it, but the thought of Jackson letting his respect for George Jones be played like that is especially distasteful.

I can believe the CMA would have eaten it up, but on the other hand would they intentionally have slighted the other Song of the Year nominees like that, even if it was for better ratings? One of the commenters there cited the shots captured of the standing ovation Jackson got, but somehow I doubt the folks behind the cameras would have been so incompetent that they couldn’t have gotten on top of that in time.

At any rate, arguably the greatest awards show moment of all time, Charlie Rich burning the envelope be damned…



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