Thursday radio musings

Leslie T. Travis to Rowdy Yates, on her blog (emphasis mine — ed.):

I can’t wait to hear you doing what you do in an environment that will let you loose and do real radio again!

Weeeell, THAT says a lot, doesn’t it?

As for real radio, if it isn’t dead, it’s certainly on life support — at least certain aspects of it. They’ve been running a certain commercial on certain radio stations here in town (if I remember right I keep hearing the ad on KZEP, so it’s probably the Clear Channel stations) that touts terrestrial radio’s advantage of local connections. Which, to my ear, is a load of unmitigated horse shit, considering all the syndicated shows on music radio stations. It’s worse in certain places than others. For example, as far as I know KZEP here in San Antonio has at least a local show in the mornings; I think their only syndicated show is in the 7-to-midnight slot with Nikki Sixx and his gang. On the other hand, KYKR in Beaumont has syndicated shows both in the morning and the evening slots. And we haven’t even gotten to the whole voice-tracking phenomenon, which is used even in major markets like Houston — i.e., Uncle Nasty from KBPI in Denver, Colorado voice-tracking the 7-to-midnight show on the old Rock 101 KLOL in the last few years that station was on the air.

Yeah, I know — that sort of thing saves the companies money, which is important considering that radio isn’t nearly as profitable as it used to be — but terrestrial radio’s touting its offering of a local connection as an advantage still strikes me as getting closer and closer to false advertising every day.



2 Responses to “Thursday radio musings”

  1. peter Says:

    Speaking of music, did you know SiriusXM is changing the channel lineup next week? Go to their website to print out a new lineup to see where the channels are going.

  2. Sabra Says:

    terrestrial radio’s advantage of local connections

    So that’s why I fucking have to listen to Joe Pags and Michael Berry every day? (Or why I would, if I didn’t just turn off talk radio at that point.)

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