Oh, no, we don’t need any more border security!

No, sir, it’s just as secure as it can be and needs to be!

The visiting British pilots were training near a naval air station one night this month when their helicopter came within about 150 feet of an ultralight plane flying without lights. The ultralight darted away toward Mexico without a trace.

The near-disaster over the Southern California desert was an example of drug smugglers using low-flying aircraft that look like motorized hang gliders to circumvent new fences along the U.S. border with Mexico.

You all know what could be done with those rudimentary aircraft, don’t you? You’re all familiar with the good ole fuel-air explosive, yes?



One Response to “Oh, no, we don’t need any more border security!”

  1. peter Says:

    The Brits shoulda been authorized to shoot it down.

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