Who would ANYONE think was responsible…

in that case?

Regarding “PV students vow to pay Graves’ fee” (Page B2, May 3), Anthony Graves, who served 18 years in a Texas prison for a murder he did not commit, thinks he shouldn’t have to pay $5,500 the state claims he owes in back child support while he was behind bars.

Who does he think is responsible? It looks to me just like another deadbeat dad shirking his financial responsibility.

— George Parsons,

Wow, is this some sort of joke? I’m all about forcing the deadbeat dads to pay the hell up, but really?  Anthony Graves couldn’t pay his child support because he was in jail for something he didn’t do. I think most folks with two brain cells to rub together would call that “extenuating circumstances.” No doubt if Graves hadn’t been in jail for something he didn’t do, he’d have had gainful employment and would’ve been paying that child support. Considering the state wrongfully imprisoned him, I’d say it’s the state’s responsibility to get the child support squared away, but maybe that’s just me…


3 Responses to “Who would ANYONE think was responsible…”

  1. Sabra Says:

    No, I agree with you fully.

    And on a slight tangent, I have never thought that jailing people for failing to pay child support was a good idea. How the hell does it make sense to negatively impact their earning ability like that?

  2. Bob S. Says:

    Something to consider is that the state provides compensation for those wrongfully imprisoned.

    The rate is low but more than enough to cover the back child support.

    I don’t know if that 5500 was incurred before his imprisonment or after though.

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