Yet more bipartisanship FAIL…

…right here:

(Rachel) Maddow admitted…that, despite being a proponent of banning certain high-capacity weaponry, she was not at all opposed to the Second Amendment and shot guns herself from time to time. That said, she found herself a bit discomforted by what she described as McCain’s “Second Amendment enthusiasm.” “A lot of people think that I’m sort of, like, a fake Republican,” McCain retorted, but her passion for the Second Amendment was “when I get, like, really conservative.”…(Meghan) McCain did support gun laws banning high capacity magazines from being sold, though, and added the she wasn’t alone in that assessment– former Vice President Dick Cheney thought so, too. Given that agreement, Maddow wondered why many NRA members did not feel the same.

“A lot of members are ok with it,” McCain argued, but added that the major concern among members is “Where does it end? It’s an ‘if you give an inch they’ll take a mile’ mentality.”

I would ask where Meghan McCain’s proof of “a lot of (NRA) members” being okay with magazine and semiautomatic weapon bans is — and, now that I think about it, why it has not manifested itself in said members swaying the NRA’s positions — but ultimately it doesn’t matter, because as L. Neil Smith said, ” the freedom to own and carry the weapon of your choice is a natural, fundamental, and inalienable human, individual, civil, and Constitutional right — subject neither to the democratic process nor to arguments grounded in social utility.” And the same goes for magazines, too.

Somehow I think more of those gun owners belong to stalking-horse organizations like the American Hunters and Shooters Association, but I could be wrong. God knows the NRA isn’t perfect, but they do have it right on a lot of the big issues such as gun & magazine bans, and I think that’s in large part due to the membership. It strikes me that saying “I’m a gun owner, but I support assault weapon and high capacity magazine restrictions” is akin to saying “I am against segregation, but I support bans of interracial marriages.” Somehow I think the vast majority of NRA members would agree with that.

As for Meghan McCain and her “give an inch and they’ll take a mile” whine, well, it’s not as if gun prohibitionists have made any secret of taking the guns, well, inch by inch. They’ve come at it from different directions — Handgun Control wanting the defensive sidearms first, and Charles Krauthammer advocating a ban on semiautomatic rifles first — but the method still remains.

(h/t David Codrea)



One Response to “Yet more bipartisanship FAIL…”

  1. Sabra Says:

    “I’m a gun owner, but I support assault weapon and high capacity magazine restrictions” is akin to saying “I am against segregation, but I support bans of interracial marriages.”

    I have actually heard that before, or variations on it. “I’m not a racist, I just don’t support interracial marriage.” And then you have the people who think that if you aren’t attracted to X, Y, or Z ethnicity, you must be racist.

    But that totally isn’t your point, so I will just wander off and think happy Taco Cabana thoughts now…

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