More idiocy and selfishness on display…

this time in Garden Ridge, on the northeast side:

In lieu of litigation, Garden Ridge officials are seeking a settlement with a nearby shooting range, which is believed to be the source of numerous stray bullets that have whirred into one of the city’s subdivisions.

Special. Considering I hadn’t heard anything about this until just recently, I’m betting the whole issue just came up recently — as in later than 1960, when the Bracken Range was opened. It might have even come up later than 1986, when the riflery portion of the range was opened. I have to wonder how much of this issue is due to the phenomenon they call Californication. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was the beginning and the end of it.

I mean, really, what kind of idiot moves in the same neighborhood as a shooting range and bitches about stray bullets? They should’ve been thrown out of court by their necks and been told, “That’s what you get, you morons! They were there first!”


6 Responses to “More idiocy and selfishness on display…”

  1. BobG Says:

    Personally, I’d be curious to see the so-called stray bullets; it could be a complete fabrication. I remember a case a few years ago where a homeowner was claiming that, and when he showed the “bullets” that he claimed had landed on his property, they were unfired cartridges.

  2. Mattexian Says:

    Perhaps the media here needs the Dissident Frogman’s course in “basic boomstick” terminology.

  3. Bob S. Says:


    This is a very real concern for our club. We have had a 50 yard range down for 6 months because we felt a round could get off range.

    Not has. Not probably — just could.

    We have conducted many tests, reviewed many designs in order to do all we can to keep rounds on range when we rebuild it.

    The club has been at its present location since 1974. Houses built behind our pistol and rifle ranges? 2000.

    Guess what happens if too many of them complain?

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      You get shut down?

      • BL Says:

        Hill Country Shooting range got shut down by subdividers. Was one of the few places in Central Texas to shoot really long range outside of private land. They pestered him until he gave up.

        I once helped re-aim the pistol ranges where I was a range officer because some moron bought property adjoining and if you walked out to the berm that was supposed to stop bullets from primarily cop candidates (was related to a local college that did a LEO course) and decided you wanted to pick a place that would be best to catch the odd stray round that went over the berm s you could complain about it, that’s about where the dude built his house.

        Only 600 and 1000 ranges I know anymore that aren’t far far away are all on private land because of assheads and mcmansion idiots.

      • southtexaspistolero Says:

        Yep, BL, that doesn’t surprise me. More of that leveling & paving of the Hill Country.

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