No, Kathleen, you don’t get to say this.

Well, not say this and be taken seriously as a conservative pundit, anyway…

…there are also significant differences between Romneycare and Obamacare. Chief among those differences: One is a massive federal program without cost controls that requires a vast bureaucracy to operate; the other is a more modest plan that constitutes less than 1 percent of the state budget.

More to the point, one was decided by the people of a single state, by and for themselves. The other presumes to dictate what individual states must do.

Ahem. The size of the whole thing isn’t worth a fart in a windstorm. Mitt Romney’s health care plan had the very same underpinning that Barack Obama’s health care plan does: you either buy insurance of pay a fine. And those of us who have been paying attention know damn good and well that this very provision — not the size of the plan itself — is the very reason the states are trying to get Obamacare struck down as unconstitutional. I really don’t understand where the one-state-versus-the-whole-country or “states’ rights” thing comes in here. So many people advocate the very thing conservatives decry — a big, strong central government — to protect certain groups of people from the depredations of the state, and here Kathleen Parker comes, saying certain depredations of the state are perfectly okay just because they’re on the state level. One wonders what Parker would have said if certain states voted to tax people based on their religions. Hey, as long as it’s on the state level and the folks in those states approved such, it’s peachy-keen, no? Sorry, but I don’t think a little consistency is too much to ask.


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