Some folks are too stupid to live.

And lucky for us, sometimes they’re criminals and they get exactly what they deserve:

An intruder was shot dead inside a Northeast Side residence, apparently after driving to the home in a Lexus stolen there two days earlier, police said Wednesday…..

Police said the house sitter grabbed a shotgun, walked out of a bedroom and turned on a light in the living room, confronting the intruder, who cursed and reached toward his back.

The house-sitter fired three shots, striking the man twice in the chest and once in the pelvis, police said. He was pronounced dead at the scene, and the shooter isn’t expected to face charges.

Police said a white 2010 Lexus sedan stolen there Sunday night was recovered at the home, leading officers to believe the person who stole it was the intruder killed Tuesday.

Now that’s some high-grade stupidity right there. Seriously, going back to a house you burglarized earlier in the week in the car you stole from said house, breaking in, and then going for a weapon when one of the residents draws down on you with a shotgun? God bless Texas, where taking these creatures out of the gene pool is not only allowed but also encouraged.

Oh yes, I would be remiss in not noting that said resident was the homeowner’s son. Props to ’em for raisin’ the boy right.


3 Responses to “Some folks are too stupid to live.”

  1. mupedalpusher Says:

    We had a guy here in town rob a drugstore and come back a few days later only to find the owner with a gun ready to defend his place of business! I was glad to see that our local news covered the story, seems they never cover any of the stories of self defense via gun.

  2. Bob S. Says:

    I wonder if there is some pollen in the air that makes criminals allergic to intelligence.

    Wednesday in Fort Worth a youth (17!!) decided to continue to break into a man’s house even after the man looked out the window, even after he loaded a handgun and racked the slide (audible through single pane window), even after the man pulled back the blinds and aimed.

    Unfortunately for the thug, it was a fatal action plan.

  3. Mike W. Says:

    One less career criminal out on the streets or clogging up the prison system and wasting tax dollars. Good job!

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