We’re the Only Ones getting away with rolling unmarked cars…

…or, Hey, look! Another cop gets what amounts to a slap on the wrist!

A former San Antonio police officer who flipped an unmarked SAPD vehicle while driving home drunk from a barbecue was ordered Wednesday to serve three days in jail as a condition of probation….

Prosecutor Sergio Ybarra argued during the brief Wednesday hearing that (Winder) Morales doesn’t deserve probation because he violated a position of trust and put the public’s safety at risk.

“We have a law enforcement officer in a taxpayer-paid-for vehicle.” Ybarra said. “He crashed that vehicle after a night of drinking, then throughout the investigation he lied about it.”

Defense attorney Jesus Garza pointed out that his client supports three children and has no criminal history. He asked for six months probation.

If Morales does end up serving time in jail, his safety could be at risk because of his former law enforcement career, Garza said after the hearing.

Cry me a river. Winder Morales made a conscious choice to get behind the wheel of a car drunk, and he deserves to face the consequences. Perhaps putting him in protective custody might be understandable, but to get off with probation? What if he killed someone like he had five years before in a different situation? I just don’t understand. Reporter Craig Kapitan noted that the judge was not sure if the wreck was the result of Morales’ intoxication or a tire blowout — but even if the tire blowout was the cause, couldn’t it still be argued that the intoxication was a contributing factor? And even if it wasn’t, would Morales have gotten off so lightly if he were a civilian?


One Response to “We’re the Only Ones getting away with rolling unmarked cars…”

  1. Sabra Says:

    To be fair, it’s not as if anyone else who drives drunk gets punished appropriately…

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