Hey, if it’s good for Hagee, it’s good for the Methodists.

From the letters to the editor in this morning’s San Antonio Express-News:

Recent Express-News stories convinced me it’s time to stop tax breaks for churches and start tax audits. John Hagee’s church has a large security team. Why? Is there that much in the collection plate? Or is this “church” just a PAC with an altar?

One wonders if Marie Martinez thinks, as I do, that the Methodist Church should have had its tax-exempt status revoked for founding the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence 35-plus years ago. Or does she think that only the churches that support right-wing causes should have their tax-exempt status revoked? Somehow I think I know the answer to that, as it seems that only the leftists whine about certain churches and their tax-exempt status.


3 Responses to “Hey, if it’s good for Hagee, it’s good for the Methodists.”

  1. Bob S. Says:

    Maybe she thinks that people in church should be defenseless and ready victims for the thugs?

    It amazes me that people still argue that churches should be a criminal empowerment zone in spite of recent examples of murders and robberies in church and thousands of years of persecution.

    There is great need in this city and it’s time for megachurches to start giving back. I feel sorry for their parishioners.

    How about the churches being audited right after your audit?

    If you haven’t given at least a tenth of your income (not take home — remember that bit about the 1st fruits), then the church doesn’t get audited, deal Ms. Martinez?

  2. Sabra Says:

    She’s also full of shit if she thinks the city’s megachurches aren’t giving (I share Neal Boortz’s hatred of “giving back”)–I don’t have specifics about Hagee’s church, but I know that Alamo City Christian Fellowship runs a food pantry/clothes closet with regular distributions, and they are unaffiliated with the local food bank because they evangelize as part of the whole deal. This means it’s a ministry which comes directly from the congregation’s pockets. I have a very hard time believing these other churches don’t also do similar charitable work, given the fact that all the small churches I know of do. My own church owns a couple of parking lots, and the income from them helps finance charitable work the church does, so I’m all for them owning property.

    It really does sound like someone trying to justify her own uncharitable nature by engaging in some classic projection.

    Also, I think Hagee is an ass, but he is a prominent friend of Israel, and these days that alone is enough to make him a target.

  3. Too Old To Work Says:

    I wonder if she thinks that those shrines to liberalism known as large universities should lose their tax exempt status?

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